3 Ways Video Advertising Will Grow Your Business

Date: November 09, 2015

Video advertising can seem intimidating to businesses that haven’t utilized it before. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may think that online video is too costly to produce or that their message won’t be adequately conveyed via video. However, the reality is that online video advertising is a powerful channel through which any business can effectively promote their company or products, often at a lesser cost than traditional methods, such as TV spots.

Below, we explain why video advertising works and why it will work for your business.

Why Video Advertising is Effective

The benefits of incorporating video advertising in your online marketing strategy are numerous, but below we’ve listed the most important three. 

1. Video ads resonate.

Unlike static ads, video ads “stick” in the mind of viewers—in fact, 80% of internet users surveyed remember the video ads they watch. By taking advantage of online video, you’ll be creating content that resonates with consumers, and your brand and message will stay in their minds long after they view your ad. 

2. Video content engages.

If you’re looking for an advertising medium that not only attracts consumers but also engages them, video is a great choice. Video not only resonates more with viewers, it also compels them to learn more or take a next step, with 46% taking some action after viewing a video ad.

3. Video content gets you found online.

Another benefit of incorporating online video into your digital marketing strategy is that it will help you get found by consumers, faster. Websites containing video are 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google results, and with the average web user spending 16 minutes and 49 seconds each month watching online video ads, they’re likely to stick around long enough to watch yours.  

Why Video Advertising Will Work for Your Business

By now you understand why video ads are effective, but you may be wondering if they’ll work for your business. Good news: video advertising works for any business with a story to tell or a product to promote. Video is a compelling visual medium for all consumers—in fact, after watching a video, consumers are 73% more likely to make a purchase. And best of all, it doesn’t matter who you’re targeting because people of all ages are just as likely to search and view online videos.

If your business is looking to create a video advertising strategy or produce quality video content, contact us today at Register Media, in Des Moines, Iowa. 

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