4 High Impact Ad Units with High ROI

Date: February 05, 2016

User engagement and conversion are likely among your top goals for your online advertising efforts. But, how can you be sure you’re attracting the most audience attention possible and maximizing your ROI? One way to ensure your ads are optimized for engagement is to invest in more exclusive, high-impact advertising formats.

High impact ad formats—including interactive takeover, pre-roll, gravity, and pushdown ads—are great options for businesses looking to drive target audiences to their website:

1. Interactive takeovers attract user attention.

Creative video ads are known to capture the attention of otherwise distracted users and have been proven to boost audience recall of brands. Interactive takeovers are an effective way of displaying video on an online advertisement in a very visually-appealing manner. Interactive takeovers auto-launch and overlay on the targeted page, giving the user the ability to play a video directly on the ad. Click here to view an interactive takeover ad in action.

2. Pre-roll ads make sure videos get seen.

Like movie previews, pre-roll ads are video ads that play before a user can access the desired video content. Businesses are investing in pre-roll more than ever because this format ensure ads aren’t “skipped over” and the content is viewed.

3. Gravity advertising takes viewer experience to the next level.

Gravity advertising immerses viewers in a high-quality viewing experience. Gravity ads are designed to play on any device at full-screen and remain true to original design no matter the format. This is the highest quality ad format available for businesses with stunning visual content to promote. Click here to view a gravity ad in action.

4. Push down ads make your content the focus.

While banner ads sit above or on the side of webpage content, push down ads actually push the page’s content down to make room for the ad. Users can open and close the ad at will. The responsive sizing guarantees that pushdown ads stay true to design on across all devices. Click here to view a pushdown ad in action.

How to Access Premium High Impact Ad Units

High impact ad units yield higher engagement and more customers to your business, but premium ad units aren’t available just anywhere.  Register Media is the exclusive vendor for premium ad placements on www.DesMoinesRegster.com. Contact us today to learn more.

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