What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

PPC advertising, also referred to as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), are the paid ads on Google and other search engines that appear next to the organic results. Since ads are shown based on the keywords typed into the search engine, your ads are automatically displayed to your target audience of people seeking products or services similar to the ones you provide.  While there are countless companies utilizing PPC advertising, you only directly compete for ad space with competitors similar to your business.  In addition to always reaching a targeted audience, advertisers only pay for their ads when they’re clicked.  PPC and SEM are key factors to successful marketing campaigns, but they perform best as part of an integrated marketing strategy consisting of multiple ad platforms.

Benefits of PPC and SEM

Running a PPC campaign takes a lot of work and knowledge to write compelling ads, set bids and monitor results.  That’s why our experts handle all of that for you.  All you need to focus on are the benefits PPC provides:


What to expect from Register Media during your PPC campaign

Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner

As a Google Premier SMB Partner, our PPC and SEM experts know what it takes to run successful campaigns.  We’ll partner with you to get a deep understanding of your business so we can create an optimized campaign based on your business’ unique needs.  Unlike some providers, we won’t falsely promise results in a week.  While you may see some results quickly, we know quality PPC campaigns take about 4 months to become fully optimized. 

We value transparency, so when you partner with Register Media you will have 24/7 access to a reporting dashboard of performance metrics. We can also create landing pages to further track the conversions and traffic from your PPC campaign.  In addition to extensive reporting, we’ll create a fully integrated marketing campaign for your business.  As true marketing experts we know PPC and SEM campaigns are most successful when paired with a mix of marketing solutions. 

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