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Our trained experts provide the data to make informed decisions about which advertising platforms will be most successful in reaching your target audiences.  Plus, we have an award winning in-house creative team to fulfill every aspect of your campaign. 

There is no single way to reach a local consumer today. They see advertisements in the newspaper, online and even while driving down the street. They walk into stores and look at products. They compare notes with colleagues at work or with friends on social networks. They use search engines and read reviews.

In today’s multi-platform marketplace there is no single tool to reach your consumers. What it takes is a toolbox – and Register Media has the biggest one in Iowa, one that no other local source can provide. You may hear others claim that one or two tools are all you need, but our clients have found that a combination of methods – executed seamlessly across multiple channels – is the best way for them to get results. 

Check out some of our advertising platforms: 

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Branded Content (Native Advertising)

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We combine our local community knowledge with data and insights from our national partnerships to make strategic campaign decisions.

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